Season 3: piii3-piv3

Friday, July 18, 2014

As the man says, “Welcome to Today With Alvin Lee.” Yes, there is a form of television in 2159, but is is all piped in through the Lightstream. You can watch it in your mind or you can actually use your eyes and watch it on any active surface (which is just about anything these days). This is the studio where they film Alvin Lee, but it could also be a construct, not actually real at all, rather computer generated. Then there is also the possibility that it’s Alvin who is not real. No one seems to get too upset about these issues as long as it’s entertaining.

What’s really upsetting in the news today is that the government has issued new guidelines on how much time citizens should spend in the V. Much to everyone’s dismay the recommendation is lower than the previous year.

The Ministry of Social Happiness thinks this will make everyone happier. But this is not so. People live for the V. So if you are one of those who is concerned, Alvin will give you the lowdown on today’s show. Continued next week.


10 future technologies that are featured in The Lightstream Chronicles. Actually there are a lot more than that but these are the majors. If you have noticed some that didn’t make it on the list — and you think they should have — feel free to comment. Cheers.

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Hope you enjoy!

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