Season 3: p114 Season Finale

Friday, April 3, 2015

Season 3 concludes as Keiji witnesses, through the eyes of Sean Colbert, his last seconds of consciousness. Through the glass of the regen pod this is about the best he can do. Did he see enough to know who did this? And what will Keiji do now?

Season 4 begins next week! No break for the summer and, unlike television, no six-month hiatus. We’re jumping right in. Plus, I’ve added 4 new bouns spreads in the prologues to Season 4. That means for the next 4 weeks you get double page spreads!! Make sure to download them for maximum clarity and keep watching for the full Season 3 download.


A few comments on searching Sean’s memories. Your comments are welcome. Cheers.

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Hope you enjoy!

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